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Energy Report for May 27 2017

Nostalgia of Yesterdays Gone by on Mother’s Day

Early this morning I started reviewing pictures of all the great memories we had in life before my soon to be ex came into our lives. Pictures of swim meets, trips to Tallulah Gorge, Birthdays, days on the lake, so many wonderful memories of life with my children and friends before.

I came across several pictures of happy family times with my grandmother and other family members as well. Tears in my eyes and a smile on my face, this trip down memory lane has helped me to find the strength to face yet another day…a joyous one by normal standards.

The Six of Cups is a card about feeling Nostalgia about times gone by, most especially with family and loved ones.

I hope that everyone can enjoy this day, whether your Mother is on the other side or lost to you in this life right now in some way. For me, today is about the good and cherished memories of my children and all the happy and fun occasions that we’ve shared among our quite crazy journey.

With Love and Best Wishes,

Michelle Lee 🌺

*Card from Crystal Visions Tarot*





From Crystal Visions Tarot

Swallowing Pills or Eating Medicine, Part 1

I became a Vegetarian in January of 2016 due to my eldest daughter’s concern for my recurring health problems over the years and her announcement that I was to be a grandmother for the first time. She’s my Mother Earth loving and saving ‘hippy’ child. Just a week prior at Christmas she gave me the gift of the #1 New York Times Best Seller “Forks over Knives”, the companion to the eye opening Documentary of the same name.
With a history of sinus, allergies, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections, and a couple bouts of pneumonia, all of which are recurring health issues throughout my family line, I was willing to listen. As a child I was taken regularly to the Houston Medical Center for injections and the dreaded pin prick testing. Medication for my pretty severe allergies has been a daily staple for me entire life. My children had seen me swallowing medication throughout their  lifetime along with vitamins upon vitamins to give me the healthy boost! These were the same pills I was giving my own kids for same problems! Yet here I was in pretty chronically ill health.
It never ceases to amaze me at just how often parents won’t listen to the advice of their children. Passing on sound advice as just a whimsical idea or passing fancy of their own progeny. The best advice I’ve ever received was out of the mouths of my babes and not from the made up minds and overly jaded advice of other adults. I wanted to try, boy did I want to but there was a catch. She said I had to give up meat. WHAT???
Noooooooooo……Being a natural born and raised Texan, this whole give up meat thing wasn’t so appealing to me. How in the world am I supposed to not put another bite of brisket in my mouth? A taco? Fajitas? A rib eye steak? CHICKEN FRIED STEAK? HOW? This is the epitome of treason in my home state. As she kept pointing out to me the different illnesses in our family gene pool and how those family members eating high levels of animal protein on a daily basis were suffering the most, the truth really started becoming clear. Animal protein IS the food pyramid in the south.
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I’m a researcher by nature with a deep need for facts. Eating a plant based diet was introduced to me through the Documentary and the companion book in a non-judgmental and very educational way. Everything made sense and my eyes were opened to the foolishness of my Southern ways. I wanted to live and I wanted to live with good health. I was tired of yo-yo dieting year after year. Tired of being sick and exhausted. I decided then and there that I want too eat LIFE not death.
Forks Over Knives is currently airing on Netflix
From January 2016 to January 2017, I cut out meat and most animal protein. I started drinking soy milk and eating whole grains, cut out processed sugar, white flour..all the icky sticky stuff. It took a while for me to gain my momentum, but slowly, step by step, I did. In that one year alone, I was able to come off of every single daily medication I had been taken. All of them.
I still have had no allergy problems or sinus infections since I made this change.  I haven’t been ill. No,colds, flus viruses, sinus issues, nada. Even though she’s heard it from me so many times already, I am so grateful to my daughter  for giving me the gift of health and a better way of life.
Stay tuned because in the conclusion of this I will let you in on the change I made in January 2017 that provided even better health and far more mind clarity.
In the meantime, listen to our youth and Eat Life ✌️
Michelle Lee


A native Texan transplanted to the beautiful Deep South in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I am a natural born, highly sensitive energy reader and psychic medium. Born into a tight knit family unfortunately full of discord made my sensitives almost unbearable to live with and my childhood quite tormented as I never felt understood or helped. Thankfully, I was able to find a way to harness it and use it for the  betterment of living beings, if only in some small way.


Dr. Elaine Aron’s groundbreaking work in “The Highly Sensitive Person” wasn’t published until my oldest child was almost 10 and my youngest just born. This single book transformed my life and gave me the hope and courage to be who I was born to be, using the gifts that God gave me. I was raised in a wonderful church that was a second home to me during my most fundamental and tough years of middle and high school in Texas giving me a deep relationship with Christ who has pulled me through everything.


I am a Mother of four amazing young adults with huge hearts, living fulfilling lives and a grandmother to a brilliant toddler who has completely stolen my heart and gave my life new meaning. These 5 souls keep my world right side up. I feel blessed beyond words that they have survived the very tough road we have traveled and come out so marvelously perfect in who they are as human beings.


Being born this way, I see, hear, smell and feel the other side. I see, dream, KNOW and feel past, current and future events. I know trends before they ever take hold or show up in a magazine, news article or television program. The human lie detector, I know when someone is being dishonest before the words come out of their mouth or have even entered their mind. I know what people and animals are feeling and thinking. My empathy is so strong that I have been lead into several codependent relationships where I almost lost myself.

In numerology, my Life Path is that of the Master 33, The Spiritual Teacher and Healer. This ultimate empathy and living through life choices was part of my path to being able to truly understand others in all walks of life and all levels of despair or heartbreak. I am able to connect with other’s through their hearts.

Due to my 20 years in deep study of Pythagorean Numerology, Astrology, Tarot and Mediumship skills, I am considered 100% on the mark. Living in a historically very “haunted” area, I feel a very deep duty in helping earth bound spirits cross over to the other side and helping business owners, home owners and tenants find relief and peace of mind. My joy comes from helping the bereaved, heartbroken, lost or forgotten find meaning in their lives again.

I love astrology and use it somewhat in my practice but the skies have changed over the millennia as native Americans have been relaying for quite some time. Planets are changing alignment, the sun isn’t yellow and the sky is rarely blue but numbers don’t change and never lie. I work numbers with finesse and couple working teams in research facilities and businesses for better all around focused work and creative functioning. I help parents understand their children, couples understand each other and employers understand their employees. I can pinpoint your preplanned path in life easily.

I can clear the Energy in a home that has been on the market longer than desired only for it to sell the next week to exactly who I claimed would arrive to purchase it. I’ve relocated people with high accuracy to another state down to the address numbers and direct location. If a location is feeling ‘off’ or having reoccurring problems, I can pinpoint the energetic or spiritual problem and change that energy entirely. I use tonal energy therapy and the power of my higher self and the Creator to release all negative and seal areas off from other negatively influencing locations nearby.

My unique skill is pre-reading. By the time my client calls me, I can tell them exactly why they’re calling and exactly where it’s going before they speak a word. I spend 30 minutes in deep prayer before every session.

My hobbies include taking the Jeep into the mountains, crocheting, spending time with my kids, reading and writing voluminously and learning about anything I possibly can. Music sings to my soul. For over 25 years I made high end wedding cakes and cheesecakes. this was the business that took me through much of my child raising years. After that time, carpal tunnel took it’s toll but I still love to make them from time to time for friends and family. You just might see some here.


With clients all over the states, I absolutely LOVE helping others harness their own intuitive and psychic senses. No one was born here without a lifeline. Every client who comes to me is given tools to work with to help them in their own spiritual growth. I look forward to aiding you in any way I possibly can.

Best Wishes and Abundant Love,

Michelle Lee