Truth be Told

This card very much corresponds to The Moon card in a tarot deck. It represents finding out about truths that have been hidden either on purpose or by our own denial. 

This is a very personal card for me as I have found out painful truths that I was in denial about and some that I had no idea of. The truth was revealed so that I could be free of the ties that bind. 

The number energy of this card is 14/5. In Numerology the energy it carries is Freedom by truth. Our strength will be tested during this time. 

Stand strong. The truth shall set you free‚≠źÔłŹ


The Oracle‚Äôs message: There is the truth, which is the essence of a thing, and then there is a truth, subjective according to the philosophy of the adherent or believer. This is not a time for debate about which truth is truer. This is a time when you are called to proclaim your truth out loud, and be willing to be transparent, honest, and open in your communication with others and with yourself. Nothing less than surrender to what is, peeling off the layers of denial that kept you tied to an illusion, will set you free. Be authentic and gloriously flawed, and Spirit will answer with miracles. Relationship message: People tell you who they are very quickly if you‚Äôre willing to listen to what they say and pay attention to how they behave. This card calls you to engage in heartfelt, open conversation. It‚Äôs time to see the truth about what you share with each other and tell the truth about who you are and what you need. No one can do that for you. Remember that your truth is always based in your personality and experience up to now. A higher truth will be found after you communicate honestly and see how doing so has helped you become more attuned to yourself. Don‚Äôt hold back. Speak your truth . . . and listen. Prosperity message: Are you willing to do whatever it takes to experience the prosperous life you desire? If you want to be an artist, do you make your art a priority? If you want to be a healer, do you set time aside to learn new things to help you serve? A writer must write, and a singer must sing. Being true to your calling is essential to your moving forward. There is another oracle message here, too. It‚Äôs time to have a look at the real, honest truth about your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about prosperity‚ÄĒ about your relationship to money, to compensation, and to meaningful work. Ask yourself, What is true for me? and you will find the key to abundance.

Wisdom of the Oracle Deck






Alone. It’s always there. The thought of being alone always just whispering at the back of your neck. Fear. Not again, please not again. 

Some have been orphaned as infants, some as children and some as adults, some throughout every stage of their lives.  For this article though I will stick to the adult stage of our lives since this card points directly to someone losing their partner, their love.

It’s interesting that I pulled this card today because the number is 5 is also today’s universal energy. Five means freedom but everything has a good side and a bad side. Being an orphan would be a freedom brought on in a negative way. Freedom that was forced upon you. Forced freedom going as far as to the negative side of freedom, self enslavement. 

Sometimes though, being orphaned by someone is a gift of freedom that is being forced upon us by our higher selves. We may be in a relationship that was draining us of all of our energy, we may have lost who we were by centering our very living existence entirely on the hopes and dreams of another soul. We may have been about to walk down the aisle with someone who was going to cause more harm than good… the list goes on.

Abandonment is a very familiar feeling for me. I have felt abandonment from my closest relatives earlier in life. I am going through a deep loss and abandonment at this very time. When times are low I can feel like the victim of abandonment, but when I raise my thoughts and energy, I feel like I was given gift to be myself from the freedom of this abandonment.  I now have time to concentrate and work on the dreams that I’ve always had. And why would I want to remain with a person who couldn’t support my dreams the same way I supported theirs? 

How do you look at abandonment? Every thought and feeling carries with it the vibration of energy that it shares. How you allow that energy to make you feel is how you will see yourself in that abandonment. 

Who are you? The victim or the conqueror? The Free or the enslaved?

Like the girl in this card, she’s been abandoned by the man she loves in the home she made so warm and comfortable for him.  She still she  wears the wedding dress, but yet the mask that she wore throughout their relationship is still on.  

I was abandoned at my two year wedding anniversary. Or was I was given the freedom to take off the mask that this girl still wears and be myself, maybe follow my own dreams finally? 

Freedom is a finicky thing. 
The Wisdom of the Oracle 


Energy Update, June 2, 2017 ūüĆĻ Dreams

3:33 am Wake up call and a date with Kurt and Courtney


It’s not a rare occurence¬†for me to be awakened somewhere between 3 to 4 am, often right at 3:33 am by spirit in some way. Just a last week ¬†I awoke a bit shaken from a dream where I was in a small boat lost at sea. Out at sea is the last place I would ever want to be. Waves lapping at the boat, dark clouds surrounding me, I hung my head down and held on tight but then those first blurry moments coming out of the dreamy sleep state started, I realized that I was feeling someone else in that boat, I felt the familiar detachment take hold.

A dream from a spirit that is not from my memory banks will have a detached quality to it. I sense it’s not me within it almost immediately when I wake up. Someone in spirit was trying to show me they felt lost at sea or something to do with a boat in the water. I did have a session later that afternoon so I sort of chalked it up to a message pertaining to the upcoming session and got on with my morning. which it very much did so. I’ll write more on the boat reading shortly but onto early this morning.

I felt a female tug me sharply to wake me up. In the dreamy state I could hear Nirvanas Smells Like Teen Spirit. So I sat up working the charts of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love to see what this young female spirit was trying to show me.


I won’t go into more details than are in my video because I know now that the young female spirit was trying to show me a relationship that she was in, that was very much like Kurt and Courtney’s was and this female was murdered in hers.



Post edit: I did have a session yesterday with the mother of this female spirit who woke me up earlier this week. I cannot go into details due to the ethics of my work but I can on..the relationship that she showed me was very much like the one she was unfortunately involved in as per the agreement of her mother to me as to what I had seen and felt. Hers ended with the father of her children killing her in cold blood in a parking lot right here in Georgia in front of her babies during a routine custody exchange.

There were a lot of deep emotions and themes of peace, Christ and the sacrifice of Unconditional Love that came through her Session. This is one special soul I will feel with me for a very long time. I learn so many life and love lessons through my sessions.

S…thank you for waking me up at 3:33am to show me your life in a way that I can understand and thank you for allowing me to be a witness to the great love and support of your family. Your sacrifice will always be remembered ūüĆ∑

Blow up ‘my’ Outside World.

Let me take you¬†down this¬†journey through Tarot and a beloved song, of tragic times and¬†a courage to continue on,¬†finding true love and loosing it again in such a shocking, public and painful way. ¬†Loosing your love, way of life, hopes, dreams for the future, everything worked toward¬†and in such a small amount of time to achieve, you thought, together.. but yet, it all get’s blown away in one single blow. The timing feels so dark so please understand, losing one of the main voices that held my heart and gave me courage¬†through my actual darkest time earlier in my life has hung himself just days ago¬†corresponding with my entrance into another dark grieving time….ML

Video : Blow up the Outside World

“Nothing seem to kill me no matter how hard I try
Nothing is closing my eyes
Nothing can beat me down for your pain or delight
And nothing seems to break me
No matter how hard I fall nothing can break me at all
Not one for giving up though not invincible I know”


Five of Wands. Before you .. never having freedom, fighting for freedom Surviving one battle after another. All Fighting. No listening. Just surviving yet always having hopes again, not invisible to pain, but what would I have missed if I gave up that chance with you? ML

Ace of Cups: Meeting a New Love, Two Of Cups: A Loving Relationship

After 8 years single, I was¬†led into a new love with a very strong Leo who offered cherished love, respect, approval and freedom to be myself . He knew me from another lifetime, searched for me for well over a year…soulmates. The beautiful love story unfolded and quickly)

“I’ve givin’ everything I need
I’d give you everything I own
I’d give in if it could at least be ours alone
I’ve given everything I could
To blow it to hell and gone
Burrow down and
Blow up the outside world


Two of Swords: Ultimatums, Choices not wanting to make, Emotional Withdrawal 


“Someone tried to tell me something
Don’t let the world bring you down?
Nothing will do me in before I do myself
So save it for your own and the ones you can help”

A third sword came into the picture and told me of the treachery that shattered¬†my heart, my self esteem and my belief system into a billion¬†pieces as it was relayed to me to guard my words. Blowing my entire perspective on everything, shattering an entire home structure and family as well as a foundation of love worked so hard to achieve…ML


10 of Cups in Reverse; The happy family, and wishes fulfilled are gone ML

“I’ve givin’ everything I need
I’d give you everything I own
I’d give in if it could at least be ours alone
I’ve given everything I could
To blow it to hell and gone
Burrow down and
Blow up the outside world

And just like that, it’s over. I’m not not enough, nothing I can do is enough. Who am I to sacrifice time away from your needs¬†. Needs so strong that they can bring all foundations and love worked so hard for tumbling down in a an instant. ML


“Want to make it understood
Wanting though I never would
Trying though I know it’s wrong
Blowing it to hell and gone
Wishing though I never could

Blow up the outside”

May you rest in peace Chris. Many prayers to all who loved you. Your death has shaken me but I vow to you that I will find that courage again. You’re death is helping me to find that courage again so that your death will not be in vain. I struggle but I WILL continue and find hope for peace, love and joy again. ML

Blow Up the Outside World, Lyrics by Chris Cornell


Beautiful Tarot Deck

Tarot Mucha




The Return of Aphrodite


I seem to have a knack for pulling just the right card on the right¬†day. I feel myself resurfacing after 7 weeks of hiding alone with deep pain, heartbreak,¬†despair and confusion. Questioning myself, my life, my choices. After a loss so great, my feminine self was lost to me entirely. Due¬†to my life history, the story that is only¬†personally mine, I have strength and great courage to go on.¬†I almost lost everything ¬†intrinsically me to try to make someone else’s life happy and more important than mine or even my own children at the the cost of so much.

It’s okay to grow and I have grown immensely over the past 5 years, over the past year the most. I know who I am. I feel the divine spark is in me again, ¬†God has filled my heart and found me and given me the grace and the courage to continue in my growth. To embrace the essence of me. To have the courage to be me and not what family expects of me or what will make one man happy.¬†I feel the power surging through my entire being once again. I have been embraced by feminine love much larger than the love I’ve known throughout my life.

I wonder, how many people¬†have sat with me as I encourage¬†them have the courage and strength to get through their lives with power and self love…to find their joy and path in life? Who would I be if I cannot heed my own advice to love myself and my children enough to have the courage to be ME? The Me that was designed and¬†destined to be from before birth. I love her. He may not, but I do. I’ve made so many¬†errors in my lifetime, but I’ve learned so much.

I look back on all the quiet heart to heart times I’ve had with friends and clients.¬†My life and my story has given a me a great compassion and love for others. My empathy is so deep that I understand everyone’s story and can actually connect.¬†I can feel their despair and connect with them on a level¬†that no one else has.¬†I feel people’s dreams and am able to encourage them achieve them. I’ve seen so many sorrows turn to happiness. I know the power and miraculous nature of God. I’ve seen it way too many times to lose faith in myself and faith in God.

So yes, Aphrodite has returned to me. I can feel the divine feminine¬†essence of God has returned to me. I can feel this loving energy coursing¬†through my heart and throughout my body and spirit. I am me. I am divine feminine. My nature is divine. I have a¬†calling and a need for community and service to others, not just to one. I’m feeling free again. Love is FREEDOM.

And to the strong loving women who helped me find this strength again…I love you and am eternally grateful.

Aphrodite has returned


From The Oracle of the Mermaids:

The Mermaids Sing: “She has come back to us… piercing us all with her sweetness and beauty…

So goes the Homeric Hymn of Aphrodite, an ancient rhapsody recording encounters with this sea-born Goddess who is a friend to Merfolk everywhere ‚Äď and to you, if you so wish it. Aphrodite‚Äôs story is fascinating‚Ķ and when you receive this card, you are part of an enchanting talk that is being told in your life‚Ķ you may have always doubted your ability to attract, yet when this card comes to you, it is as if the graces, Aphrodite‚Äôs handmaidens, are coming to greet you as you are re-birthed from the womb of the sea. They adorn you with jewels and kisses, lavish you with pampering, and you will, at last, begin to believe in the power of your own gracefulness, your own sacred powers, your own allure and magnetic appeal. Aphrodite is sea-born as were you, of the womb of your mother, and when she comes to you, you are being reminded that it is possible to be sexual without being in partnership or formal marriage‚Ķ she is returning to you to remind you of the beauty and grace of laughter , of delight, of seeing all that is before you as wondrous and perfect in its own right, delighting as she did in the variety of beings on the planet, encouraging all to procreate, make love, sing, and revel in life. She is a sign of a return to sexual health, to healthy and glorious self-love and self-esteem, of a wish to be free for a time from ‚Äúmarriage‚ÄĚ or conventional relationships ‚Äď a time to explore, to delight, to be sensual, and to be free, with no fear of retribution.

Divination: ‚ÄúWhen Aphrodite comes to you from the sea, you are being reminded of your deep, delicious nature, the power of sensual desire, and the holiness of laughter and delight. There will be female friends who encourage you to remain free, and to find out for yourself what it is you want, and who will praise you and assist you‚Ķ it is a time of being reborn into your sensual self, and all that you are as a woman ‚Äď your yoni, your body, your breasts and hips, all are now greeted and claimed, reclaimed with love. You see that you do walk in beauty, and that many have seen you coming from afar, and have desired you. There is no sin in this. Aphrodite loved beauty too, and knew how to share with other women ‚Äď gifting her magic belt to Hera for a time to help her with her faithless husband Zeus, or sharing Adonis for half the year with youthful, irresistible Persephone‚Ķ she is not the same as others. She does not wish to ‚Äúhave and to hold.‚ÄĚ She wishes to experience, to love, to be filled, again and again, with all the beauty this world has to offer. But she never wishes for ownership. All is Golden; everybody is in Love, for a magical time, because this Goddess has returned.‚ÄĚ*

~ Lucy Cavendish~ The Oracle of the Mermaids: Magical Messages of Healing, Love and Romance



I’ve Got Friends in Very Low Places

An unbelievably tough loss hit my life. Almost 7 weeks ago, my marriage fell apart right after our 2 year wedding anniversary. My heart shattered, my belief system crushed, my life and future, all my hopes and dreams just filleted and left to die in one single instant. Due to our relationship being so public over the years, I went into hiding.

I couldn’t announce it or make changes to my social media status because the onslaught of caring and curious friends was a thought far too overwhelming for me to handle. I couldn’t make sense of this myself. I was as low as low can get. Barely breathing, barely eating, unable to work, think, talk. The lowest of the low…I knew I was alive only because I could hear my heart beating in my ears when my pillow was tossed around my head to close everything out.

The entire past five years of my life very much revolved around my husband and his career. Everything and everyone took a backseat to my relationship with him. How in the world was I to enter life again? The thought completely devastating. Where and who can I turn to? Every friend in my recent history basically entered through my life with him.

Pulling myself out of hiding took place just this week, at over 6 weeks, the loneliness was unbearable. With trepidation I updated my status with “Beauty and the Beast is just a fairy-tale”. That one message caught the attention of the friend’s I needed most. The messages and text began. Taking a deep breath, I dug back into the world of the feminine connection.


In my first day out with the courage to finally speak and actually be seen, I entered the balmy, encouraging, deeply connecting world of female friendships again. In the past, I offered myself easily to friends, but I had a hard time accepting this strength back from others. On this one day, an actual Earth Goddess with the most powerful, soulful¬†voice on the music scene treated me to off the cuff Papaya Mimosas, a deep reprieve sitting among the green beauty of her back yard with¬†the sound of cattle in the field behind her beautiful new property while releasing my pain to someone treating me with such compassion. Compassion I haven’t truly experienced in a very long time.


Several hours later, we sat at her table as I went ahead and read for her. Pulling out my cards and numerology charts, I felt like myself again. The reading was spot on, my connection to source felt vital and completely in line again. As I was leaving, this¬†empathetic and devoted songbird handed me this gift. A watercolor given to her by her own daughter during a rough time. Words cannot express …..



Thank You Gigi.¬†Your thoughtfulness and kindness is tucked into a very significant place in my heart, never to be forgotten. This painting is proudly displayed where memories¬†had to be¬†removed. I’m forever grateful.¬†THERE IS NO NAME FOR ME YET ON EARTH.


This same evening, a very dear friend offered to drive out to my area, a pretty big distance for her after a long day’s work, to treat me to dinner at my favorite restaurant. The most interesting thing about this dinner and time spent together, is that we actually had REAL heart to heart talk. We both bared our hurts, our dreams and so forth for actually the very first time in all the years we have known each other. Don’t get me wrong, we talk. We’ve stayed in constant contact although minimal amounts since before my husband even came into my life. We attended her wedding. I joyously made her wedding cake years back. We’ve stayed up to date with each other’s prominent news and¬†family stuff periodically.


So sitting at this table, holding hands, tears in our eyes, I experienced another very profound and compassionate connection that I’ve been thirsty for, for as long as I’ve been married.¬†I realized that it’s okay to share profound sadness…it’s safe to share this feminine heartbreak. This beautiful soul, who holds her head up high with a smile always touching her face, truly understood this despair and our hearts mended as we shared.

As the mood lightened, I pulled out my charts and worked a mini reading with her. She stopped me suddenly and said “Michelle, I wish you could see how much your eyes just light¬†up, how in your element you are when you’re reading. What a gift! Finally leaving, with big hugs, she gave me the gift of some beautiful colors for my lips for spring to brighten my face. Susan, you brightened my heart.


To these two amazingly strong soul sisters…thank you for your time, transparency, your heart and compassion and gifts¬†on my very first day trying to navigate the outside world again. Your encouragement has given me some strength to find myself, the courage¬†to hold my head up again and to keep trying my hardest to move forward during this time of deep grief.

With devoted loving DIVINE FEMININE friendship,

Michelle Lee

Grieving, loss and pain
Love, forgiveness and healing

Perfect card pull for today, this week, this past month for sure. ¬†ūüíĒ

Three of Thought

Loving angels surround you now. Heaven offers healing to all who request it. The sadness you feel will fade away with time, and all that will remain is a stronger, more spiritually evolved you. There’s no need to be alone. Seek out loved ones to spend time with. Ask your angels to help you find groups or organizations full of compassionate people who will embrace you with open arms. ¬†Give yourself time to heal while also reaching out for the joys of life.

Always look for the positive in any challenge. Ask heaven to help you see the good that came from this adversity. ¬†You are an amazing person, created by diverse experiences ranging from Joy to sadness. The blending of these chapters of your life makes you one of God’s beautiful and powerful children.

This card signifies a time of great loss or helping a friend through a loss, forgiving yourself and others and letting go of the past in order to embrace the future. It signifies the heart and heart ailments such as heartbreak.

From Guardian Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine