The Synchronicity of Master Numbers 11 and 33

I walked in my door and immediately saw this. Literally one of the most powerful combinations number synchronicity of all 💪⭐️ This is a combination of two Master numbers that carry tremendous energy with them. 

“One” carries the energy of new beginnings, happiness, creation, independence and creating our own realities. The 2 ones amplify these vibrations. The master number 11 carries the energy of self mastery, high intuition, psychic energy and spiritual enlightenment. 

The 3 symbolizes creative expression, optimism, communication and growth. The double threes amplify this energy. The master number 33 is the number of the Christ consciousness and the ascended masters. This number carries the vibration of compassion for those less fortunate of any kind, discipline, courage and is the number of the spiritual healer and teacher. 

These numbers together are telling us that the universe, God, ascended masters and guardian angels are working with us and providing complete support to help us to fulfill our dreams and goals. This is a time to have great faith and know that all is working out in our best interest🦋 Happy Friday everyone. Have a fantastic weekend! 

Michelle Lee 🌷

Treasure Island

My mind thinks in numbers. Numbers are the ONLY Universal language that have the same meaning across all cultures. I am a Master Numerologist who lives life by number energies.

Three months ago, the love of my life walked out the door. We were in that 5 year period of a relationship where far too often couples call it quits, unwilling to see each other’s viewpoints or hear each other’s sorrows and pain.

My beloved twin flame suddenly contacted me, missing his family and the good life we once shared. With tears of joy, I prepared for us to finally meet and talk. We are in the same exact life cycles so I wanted to meet on a day that was a 9 energy for both of us. Nine represents endings and moving into an entirely new cycle of beginnings, knowing this energy would be the best time for us to talk and put away the past.

We talked peacefully, openly and with forgiveness, with tears, both wanting to start anew. There was no ugliness or resentment from the three months apart, only forgiveness. This was the perfect energy for us to be able to actually want to start a new beginning. After our conversations and renewal of our true love and devotion to each other, I pulled a card. This card just happened to be a 9!

Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards

Message from the above card:

“Your relationship is a treasure, providing even more than you need, but you may not see that right now. No matter how long you’ve been together, you and your partner are always discovering hidden gems about yourselves and each other. Now is a time of discovery. It’s as if everything is in sync and everything is new again. Romance blooms and love is in the air. You can be assured that this partnership will bring you great gifts and valuable lessons. Keep your heart open. The message of this card is to celebrate love and what it teaches you.”

~Collette Baron-Reid~

Using numerology to calculate the best times for any type of situation should be a golden rule to follow. It works. If you need help finding the best time to deal with relationship issues, please contact me as I would love to help you find the best timing for love to be renewed in your life.

When you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, they are yours forever more 💜

Blessings, Love and Light

Michelle Lee 🌷

The 5:55 Code

Although I prefer to call these synchronicities of numbers, some prefer to call them Angel Numbers. Numbers correspond to colors, tones, directions, tides, gravity, light, seasons, names, astrology and astronomy and every mathematical and scientific field as well as literature, art, tarot and all manner of card and strategic games, computer programming, songwriting…Baking..numbers are in everything.

They are THE Universal language. Learning this Universal language is quite helpful in the navigation of life.  Angels, God, your loved ones, spirit guides, your own higher self or source energy, the Universe, Mother Earth…whatever you prefer to call it… your attention is being called to these synchronicities about different types of very strong energy patterns that are surrounding you at this time. When you see repeating fives over and again in a short amount of time, you should be aware of this strong energy current. Know that acting upon things take great courage but you are in the perfect energetic time to do so.

5.5.5 = 15/6

Three fives are about finding freedom and great choices and changes. They are a sign that things are moving quickly. You are being asked to pay attention to the very high energy of freedom and high discernment surrounding you at this very time.  The shadow side of this energy is indecision and bondage. What is it that you find yourself bound to? A relationship that has lost it’s luster? could it be a monkey that you’ve been wanting to get off your back? The triple fives are a sign to make you aware that  you are in direct energy to be able to break the ties that bind you to something that no longer serves you. This is the perfect time for you to finally obtain your freedom! Your great intuitive discernment is your tool to free you now. This can be a great day of freedom  and celebration for you, because of what you choose to stop now you will stay free from.

The Devil card in the Tarot illustrates the Energy of the triple fives well. I chose two of my favorite Devil cards which I feel represent him devilishly good.

In both cards,  someone is in bondage to something else. But if you look further you will notice that the people all have the choice to lay down the tools that are holding them in bondage to something they feel is bigger than them but actually won’t work if they would just FREE themselves.

 Best Wishes,

 Michelle Lee 🌺