Truth be Told

This card very much corresponds to The Moon card in a tarot deck. It represents finding out about truths that have been hidden either on purpose or by our own denial. 

This is a very personal card for me as I have found out painful truths that I was in denial about and some that I had no idea of. The truth was revealed so that I could be free of the ties that bind. 

The number energy of this card is 14/5. In Numerology the energy it carries is Freedom by truth. Our strength will be tested during this time. 

Stand strong. The truth shall set you free⭐️


The Oracle’s message: There is the truth, which is the essence of a thing, and then there is a truth, subjective according to the philosophy of the adherent or believer. This is not a time for debate about which truth is truer. This is a time when you are called to proclaim your truth out loud, and be willing to be transparent, honest, and open in your communication with others and with yourself. Nothing less than surrender to what is, peeling off the layers of denial that kept you tied to an illusion, will set you free. Be authentic and gloriously flawed, and Spirit will answer with miracles. Relationship message: People tell you who they are very quickly if you’re willing to listen to what they say and pay attention to how they behave. This card calls you to engage in heartfelt, open conversation. It’s time to see the truth about what you share with each other and tell the truth about who you are and what you need. No one can do that for you. Remember that your truth is always based in your personality and experience up to now. A higher truth will be found after you communicate honestly and see how doing so has helped you become more attuned to yourself. Don’t hold back. Speak your truth . . . and listen. Prosperity message: Are you willing to do whatever it takes to experience the prosperous life you desire? If you want to be an artist, do you make your art a priority? If you want to be a healer, do you set time aside to learn new things to help you serve? A writer must write, and a singer must sing. Being true to your calling is essential to your moving forward. There is another oracle message here, too. It’s time to have a look at the real, honest truth about your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about prosperity— about your relationship to money, to compensation, and to meaningful work. Ask yourself, What is true for me? and you will find the key to abundance.

Wisdom of the Oracle Deck




Nostalgia of Yesterdays Gone by on Mother’s Day

Early this morning I started reviewing pictures of all the great memories we had in life before my soon to be ex came into our lives. Pictures of swim meets, trips to Tallulah Gorge, Birthdays, days on the lake, so many wonderful memories of life with my children and friends before.

I came across several pictures of happy family times with my grandmother and other family members as well. Tears in my eyes and a smile on my face, this trip down memory lane has helped me to find the strength to face yet another day…a joyous one by normal standards.

The Six of Cups is a card about feeling Nostalgia about times gone by, most especially with family and loved ones.

I hope that everyone can enjoy this day, whether your Mother is on the other side or lost to you in this life right now in some way. For me, today is about the good and cherished memories of my children and all the happy and fun occasions that we’ve shared among our quite crazy journey.

With Love and Best Wishes,

Michelle Lee 🌺

*Card from Crystal Visions Tarot*





From Crystal Visions Tarot